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They have concepted and worked on major commercial campaigns around the world.
Their goal is to promote your destination with professional content production and widely read publications.

Luc Lagasquie

Julien Pelletier

Adrien Leyronas

Romain Leclerc

Jon Sanchez

Lyes Kachaou

Nathaël Labat

Luc is a photographer specializing into travel photography. An important part of his work is to raise awareness towards the appreciation of beauty. He is a strong believer in humanity, and thinks the subtle emotions hidden in his images will help people take better care about their environment and quality of life. He also has a background in digital marketing, making him a great advisor when it comes to building efficient campaigns.

Julien, known as Buchowski, is a passionate digital creative who started photography 8 years ago, obsessed by the power of the Image. He loves to describe himself as a “beauty hunter”, seeking to capture emotions through his lens. Adventurous humanist, he strongly believes a story is to tell behind every moment or every person. His rich background in law, design and advertising makes him a polyvalent professional to work with.

South native of Drome, Adrien began learning photography by exploring the places of his childhood. He was able to work with the social network Instagram, on several marketing campaigns to promote major brands as well as tourism offices. Today he’s entirely specialized into travel photography, and continues to share his work on his network where he wants to show the richness of the world around us.

Romain naturally started photography along with travelling, after he graduated a Master of Arts in France. In 2013, he worked on the very first Instagram campaigns with the Canadian Tourism Commission and started his carrier in professional film making. Romain collaborated with major tourism boards in Oceania and Asia, today he is above all a director working on various promotional content with international groups.

Jon, known as Platoux, is specializing in adventure and lifestyle photography. Based in Biarritz, south west corner of France, he is documenting the French landscapes and ocean vibes. Always in search of aesthetics and minimalistic settings, he finds inspiration in nature’s largest open spaces. Jon collaborated with various brands in numerous campaigns on Instagram. Currently flight attendant, he shares with us his passion for nature and traveling.

Nathaël, known as Northernelg, is a young photographer based in Lot-et-Garonne. Specializing into adventure and travel photography, he travels since his childhood around Europe to discover the diversity of the world and find his inspiration. By his travel experiences, he refine his artistic style. In this way, thanks to a wide range of taste, he is able to photograph many and varied subjects.

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