A trip in Cambodia… A deep feeling of humanity… Smiles… I needed nothing else to dedicate a serie to these moments. We have so much to learn from the ones who own nothing.


This is the word which came straight to my mind after few days in Cambodia. I noticed these smiles surrounding me. Free and honest smiles. I was out of a touristic area and no one was after my money, they were sharing their happiness.


Cambodia is obviously not the poorest country in the world, they have at least access to food and water. Even if it’s not easy everyday, the people is just living a life made of simple things. So far from our western way of life.

But when you know about History, Cambodia has probably one of the most traumatic past. Exterminated, betrayed from inside. They had knew the horror characterized by the Khmers Rouges, the death army who had flooded the country like a wave of poisoned blood on the behalf of a mad brain. But even after this hell, everything came back to life and Cambodians went back to their deep nature. Happiness and generosity against evil. Build a future on ruins of madness.

What a lesson I received from them.


I thought about something funny when this trip ended. I remembered that we all have learnt to smile in front of a photographer. By saying “cheese” or any word depending the language which will open our faces with a fake morphologic tricks. 

Learning to smile, isn’t it something weird?


It was a true pleasure to see all these curious children playing and laughing around. One of their favorite game was to pose for me and look at themselves on the screen of my camera.


 I want to see on these children a hope for a better future in Cambodia. It will come with education and a bit of help to let them building a wealthier and healthier country. 

 In a next story I will tell you about some increasing issues Cambodia has to face. For the moment, I hope you’ll think to be happier every single day life is offering you.

Peace begins with a smile — Mother Teresa