We are really proud to share with you the report of our last commission. Early February we’ve teamed up with l’agence des médias sociaux to create the most original  digital marketing campaign.

For the release of its new Countryman, MINI France choose French Folks as its prime ambassador.

Proud of this trust that has been granted to us and sharing common values with the brand, we’ve put together an authentic adventure. A true roadtrip, the way we love them.

While testing the new MINI Countryman we aimed to inspire you by sharing a winter trip that would make you want to take the road as well. We wanted something different this time, so we decided not to follow the trend. Rather than warming up an old recipe like a trip on the Icelandic roads, we chose to get off the beaten path to show you that Adventure is just here, next door.

A well prepared roadmap between France, Spain and Portugal and we were ready to go. A group of buddys launched six days on the road on more than 2000km between Biarritz and Lisbon.

Between desert, sea and mountains, on a course made of History, meetings and gastronomic discoveries, we saw wonderful landscapes and shared unique moments.

Stuck in a snowstorm or coiled in the warmth of a sublime hotel, we added lines to our history, carried by the joyous sensation of freedom which belongs to the journey.

I invite you to discover below the video and the pictures retracing the adventure. 3,2,1 Action!

#Jour 1 : Biarritz/San Sebastian

Between Bardenas Reales desert and San Sebastian, we drove some inland roads in northern spain. Such incredible sceneries just few hours away from France.

#Jour 2 : San Sebastian/Cangas de Onis

Exploring the coastal landscapes of the spanish Basque Country under the rain. That day we had a taste of some spanish History on Gaztelugatxe island and we drove the sneaky roads to the mighty mountains: Los Picos de Europa.

#Jour 3 : Cangas de Onis/Las Medulas

The morning, taken in a snow storm on the mountains roads. The afternoon spent in the red rocks formations of Las Medulas. That’s the beautiful contrast of spanish landscapes.

#Jour 4 : Las Medulas/Coimbra

From Spain to Portugal we drove the most various landscapes and we experienced the wonderful portugese gastronomy and winery.

#Jour 5 : Coimbra/Areias Do Seixo

That day we’ve met a french hero in Nazaré, the home of the biggest waves in the world. Justine Dupont is a vice-world champion surfer with the coolest attitude. After some great time spent in this authentic little town we ended the day in Paradise: Areias do Seixo.

#Jour 6 : Areias Do Seixo/Setubal

We spent our last day in Portugal roaming the roads of National Parks very close to Lisbon. The way of life there is so cool, made with warmth, smiles and blue sky. A perfect place to refill the battery.

We are very thankful to our trip buddies: Nico, Stefan, Mathieu et Cyril and obviously MINI France for their trust. We are really proud to share the vision of a new era of communication.