It was a while that I’d the idea of a roadtrip througt Europe. For this first “Eurotrip”, I decided to discover 4 different countries: Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italia.

7 days to drive throught, I think, probably the best europeans landscapes.

Day 1 – Let’s go to Switzerland

As the first destination of what promised to be one of my most epic journeys, we chose Switzerland, and more precisely, the city of Zurich. It took us about 6:15 by car from Paris to get there.

I advise you to stroll along the quays of Zurich, and as well as in the ancient city. These are for me the best places to enjoy Zurich.

Jour 2 – Ich bin in Deutschland

For this second day on the road we decided to cross the Swiss border to go to Germany, and discover the lakes of Königssee and Obersee. Unfortunately the access to Lake Obersee is closed until 22 April, we were only able to cross Lake Königssee.

To admire and fully enjoy these lakes, I advise you to take the boats that offer you the roundtrip around the lake.


After visiting Lake Königssee, we decided to go into Austria to visit the town of Hallstat. The journey is about 1h20 by car, which is relatively little compared to the other distances we’ve traveled.

Further information:

Ticket prices here.

Boat schedule here.

Day 3 – The Dolomites

Today, the destination of the day is a mountain range in Italy, it’s The Dolomites.

For this first day in Italy, we decided to visit several lakes. The Laghi Di Fusine and the lake of Sorapis.

The Laghi Di Fusine is a lake that isn’t in the Dolomites, but is worth a look. This lake is very easy to access, since it’s located along the road. You can park by car on a free car park, and walk there in less than 10min.

The Sorapis Lake is located in the Dolomites, but unlike Di Fusine, it deserves a little effort to be seen.

It takes about 1h50 of hiking to go to the summit, and 1h20 for the descent.

Day 4 – The dolomite lakes

For this 4th day, we went to the region of South Tyrol, 3 lakes were on the program, and probably the most famous lake of the Dolomites, Lago Di Braies. If you decide to move into the area, this lake is an absolutely to do.

After Lago Di Braies you can visit the lakes of Dürrensee and Dobbiacco which are less than 30 minutes by car.

The afternoon, we visited the churches of Val di Funes.

Day 5 – Hiking the Seceda

This day was for me, one of the most important, I could not leave the Dolomites without seeing the summit of the Seceda. After a difficult awakening at 1:50 am, and nearly 9 km of hiking in the night with my headlamp, the peak of the Seceda finally offered to me a magical sunrise.

Day 6 – The end

Last day of our journey in Europe, on the program today, the Earth Pyramids, Lake Carezza, as well as Lake Wuhnleger Löschteich.

We are coming to the end of this incredible adventure across Europe, despite the fact that I’ve not had the opportunity to do all the spots of the Dolomites, this adventure will certainly remain one of the best I’ve been able to do.

I especially thank @visitZurich and @@VisitSouthTyrol for allowing me to realize this photo report.