Hi everyone, it’s Lyes. Today I’ll share with you my trip in Lofoten Islands. It’s the third time I‘m exploring Norway this year. My partner during this twelve days trip is also my partner in life, Claire. The project was to hike as much as we could, reach a lot of summits and camp.

I love camping for two reasons. One is that it is the best way to enjoy the landscapes and the second is being there when the light is the most beautiful (sunrise and sunset time).

The first night after 3 flights and 5 hours in a ferry, we had to rest to start well the trip. We rented one of those cabins on the picture below. It’s an old fishermen village which is now a bed and breakfast, it is called Hamnoy.

Despite Lofoten being above the arctic circle, there are some beautiful white sand beaches, one of the most amazing is Kvalvika. It takes one hour hiking to go there and this is my favorite place to pitch my tent. Additionally if you want to reach Ryten summit, it takes two more hours.

The view from Offersoykammen summit is unbelievable, it’s not a famous place and this is exactly what we were looking for.

That morning we started to hike in the dark to be on the top of Mannen for the sunrise. The light was pure gold. Few hours later we took a ferry to the most isolated village: Bunes (only access is by boat). We hiked to the beach under a rain storm.

Few other pictures:

The last evening before our return travel to France, we enjoyed the warm water of a hot tub, and to end well this amazing trip we watched the northern lights during hours above a village called Nusfjord. It was a first time experience for Claire.

I can’t wait to come back there. We did 11 hikes in 12 days, and if you want to discover Lofoten Islands, I highly suggest checking out the website rando-lofoten.net

If you want to camp, you have to know that you can do it almost everywhere you want as there are no laws against wild camping.

See you soon with a story about the Dolomites.