A few days ago, we wanted to get out of Paris to get a breath of fresh air and nature. After thinking about a place that gave us much desire, and that was not very far from Paris, we chose to go in Normandy.

We chose Le Havre as a base camp. It’s a big town located on the Normandy coast, only 25 minutes away from the famous cliffs of Etretat. Despite the city being not the most beautiful, it is a good starting point for exploring the coast, as you can find many Airbnb around.

We also rented a car using Ouicar, a website that offers car hire between individuals.

5 am. We’re ready and motivated to start our exploration. And to start this weekend, we decided to enjoy the sunrise from the cliffs of Etretat. That way, we would probably get the most beautiful light of the day.

When you arrive on the beach of Etretat, two choices are available: the cliffs on the left side or the cliffs on the right side.

Depending on the time you have, we recommend you to go to the left side, it offers the best views and the ascent is much easier.

After spending the morning walking along the cliffs, we decided to take the road towards Honfleur.  This is a charming village with plenty of lovely streets to walk in.

In the afternoon, as we had finished our lunches, we decided to drive without a specific goal through the local roads. After a few kilometers, we came across a beautiful Norman beach below the cliffs.

We then decided to hit the road again and return to Etretat to enjoy the sunset. And that was not disappointing!

Sunday, on our last day, we decided to go on the beaches of Saint Joint Bruneval to enjoy the sea air, before having to return to Paris.

It’s already the end of this journey on the Normandy coast. It was quite an adventure, always too short but it was a very nice weekend. We already look forward to coming back!