After a short break in Germany, I was invited by Lufthansa Airlines to try out their recently opened line going from Frankfurt to Tampa. For a few days, I photographed the city with a team of other photographers (Laura Zalenga, Ramon Haindl, Kirsten Michalski).

I have already been traveling quite a lot in Florida before, but did not know the city of Tampa. It is located on the west coast of the state, a part well known for its lovely white and sandy beaches.

But Tampa is not only sun, swimming and tanning.

The downtown area is quite amazing, especially Ybor city. I was surprised to see how much cuban culture there is in that part. You can find cigar factories, a tropical atmosphere and a nice colonial architecture. There’s even a park that is considered as Cuban territory.

On the side of the city lay many natural parks where you can take a look at the local wildlife. You can rent a canoe, which I strongly advise to immerse yourself into this subtropical wilderness. This is an interesting adventure and you should be able to see beautiful birds, lizards of all sorts (alligators included) as well as weirdly shaped trees. Though, I advise you strongly to get a strong anti-mosquitoes spray with you.

Another piece of advice, plan ahead and get yourself a rental car (or download the Uber app). The city is super large, so you should be prepared to ride quite a lot everyday. For example, going from the beach area (in St-Petersburg or Clearwater) to Tampa Downtown will take you at least 30 minutes.

I invite you now to check out Ramon‘s and Laura’s beautiful work.